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Opening ceremonies.
 So many moments...All of us recognizing Bobby Orr nearly instantly. Bryan adams looking good, Nelly Furtado looking hot, me realizng that what seperates our popstars from Murrika's stars, is that ours seem more real, like you could have a cofee with them, or a donut.

   The whole look-breathtaking, spectacular. What, a devil in a canoe? Kind of a Unibroue reference? Wait, wait-what's that? Punks iddling and dancing? Is that Ashley fucking McIssac up there? 

   K.D. Lang took one of Cohen's more cynical songs, and sung it out and tore my heart into giggling pieces and sung so sweet, so pure, I wanted her to sprout wings and fly around. My, but can she sing.

   Wayne Gretsky was a bit of a wrong note. I sorta forgave the planners on that, if only because I'm a Canadian, and that's what we do. But it wasn't enough to take any of it away.

  The Shane. No, no, I'm already a giddy happy bubbling mass of happy, I'm already high as a kite, and not on pot, and then, they pull this shit on me? How dare they! How dare they melt my bitter ol' heart, how dare they make me wanna believe that yeah, it's all good! Bastards! I was so ready to hate on the Olympics, and then, well, I never!

   Because there's The Shane, right up there, Laying down the lines that make me proud, so solid, did you see the way he bows his head at the end, as if contemplating, nearly praying, and up, up comes his eyes, with that sly little look? Like his in on the joke, and you know, it's a good joke, it's a healing joke, and yes, I am The Shane, and this is only part of it. That and he had the same look as many of the athletes-what? I'm here? I'm...I'm Here? Well, okay then, let's do this thing.

   And having to work it in the same place as K.D. Lang who made me damn near cry, no word of a lie, that was the most amazing thing that I so wanted to be at. Because for all the performers, this is their one chance, all the practice is for here, now, no second takes. 

   No real security for Gretsky. And the protest, earlier in the day? I hear the police were hanging around, mostly laid back, probably a bit bored-it's a pretty sweet gig, shepherding the protestors. And I thought, how fucking Vancouver is that? Even the rain-yeah, welcome world, we weren't kidding when we said that's what we get here, and nature seemed determined to make us all remember.

   The very real emotion, on that fellas face, the one who did the first speech, about that poor Georgian boy, taken out during practice, by really bad design that they better be working on before the real work begins.

   All of it. Weird, to laugh, cheer, cry, get my heart broke and glued back together and melted and warm gushy giggly sparkly glittery I'm yellin' like an eight year old stuff. As someone on efbook said. "Damn it, Vancouver, you hit that one out of the park.

   And they did.

   And I'm STILL happy glowy silly, and I really needed it, so bad. There's been a mind bending bit of nastiness in my family-something happened, and it's so overwhelming, so...well, awful, that I'm still dealing with it, and no, you gotta  talk to me to find out what, and we all circled the wagons, and I've been swinging wild between some horrific pit, and that deadened kind of haze the mind goes into, just to keep a lid on it, keep you functioning. That bad, and worse than almost anything I can imagine-which is why there was that vindictive nastiness I wrote a couple days ago. I didn't even realize it at the time, but it was the only way to relieve some of the stress.

   And I didn't want to go out last night. Dee knew why, and was okay with whether I would or wouldn't, she's been very patient. And so I went to Bryn and Amber's anyways, realizing that while I didn't really feel like being with anyone, I probably needed to. 

   And so there was a weird edge to me me, I was overloud, a little too boisterous. You know the kind. You're hiding something, something the direct opposite of happy. And you're simultaneously almost desperate for something good, something human, anything, I'll take whatever I can get. That rat that just avoided that car? Yeah, that works. That weed, brazenly defying the odds where it has no right to? Works for me.

   And somewhere inside, a voice sez, yeah, you needed this. Sorry, there's only a little bit in the way of a good shoulder, cause you're the one providing the shoulder. So here, let's throw this one down: you're gonna see the goldarndest opening ceremonies ever-no, nowhere near as spectular as the Chinese, but that aint what we're about. There's a reason for all these choices, and remarkable they were, and yes, I did cry, quietly, yes, I did want to run out into the streets and hoot and holler. And yes, right now, with the shit I'm going through? I needed it, just didn't know how badly.

   So yeah, I am, now that you mention it, Gushing on. And no, not one iota embarassed. Oh, sure, I'll probably swing back to cynical, cause it's comfortable, an easy fit, but, well maybe just a teensy bit of a lighter cynical. Just a smidgen, don't wanna overdo it and go all mushy too fast now.

   And yes, while I'm at it, that's part of us. Not too loud, seem to be a bit standoffish, but that's just our way. Hey, the coffeepot's on the stove, got a chair for you-come in, sit yourself down, and we'll talk about this and that.

   So how about them olympics?


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