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Well, at least my room is halfway clean...though my paintings look a little dark, and I am tempted to redo what few are left...thought it was Sunday, all day long, until about an hour ago. Kinda feels like a sunday, even with a couple cups of coffee. From my window, I can hear the cars swoosh by, and see a little chunk of the nightime beige peach orangey overcast sky, reflecting all the streetlights. And on wednesdays, at the legion, usually full of drunk ass old men (there's one that shows up in a dark burgundy leather top mafia car, irish accent, sits drinking away his retirement funds from noon til closing) the hipsters show up and make a racket and occasionally a cop car shows up, because I think the legion doesn't really check ID.

Which for the last few days seems to have become the extent of my world. All the bikes are 'up on blocks' getting various rebuilds, so I don't usually wander very far. Should probably at least take a nice walk once in a while.

And the 'p' on this keyboard is sticky.

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Read that last sentence out loud.

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